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Balancing on the horizon 

Manning Regional Gallery 23rd March - 13th May 2023

Balancing on the horizon 2023 Manning Regional Gallery.jpg

"Balancing on the horizon" delves into the unknown disquiet of climate change with playful and contemplative paintings by Alex Thorby.

Working en plein air and later in the studio, Thorby reconsiders a leisurely hot summers day at the beach, sunbaking, surfing and gazing out to the horizon.

Figurative paintings and sculptural installations explore the tumultuous emotions of joy and loss at a time when balance has multiple meanings and future horizons remain unknown.


Thorby calls on the power of each of us to reconsider our collective strength to recharge our relationship with nature.  

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Balancing on the horizon 2023.jpg
part 2
Portrait of Ruth 2023 oil on laminex card_edited.jpg
A personal touch, Wall installation, 1m x 1m.jpg
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