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New Territories 23.9.15 - 10.10.15

NORTH Contemporay Art Space

50 Ridge st North Sydney

Eleanor McDonald

Tamsin Salehian

Alex Thorby

Ingrid van der Aa

This installation is the second in a series centered around plastic and the Great Big Pacific garbage patch. Our plastic waste floating about in the oceans, eventually breaks down into micro plastic, competing with phytoplankton as a food source for our marine life and birds.

The old decrepit boat acts as a  metaphor for history, the arrival of Europeans and waste.

'By boat , New Territories were discovered. Pristine environments untouched and in perfect harmony.

Now plastic is pervading every waterway, claiming New Territories with every ebb and flow of the tide, changing forever the environment'

Transient 2015
Transient 2015
Transient 2015
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