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Incognizant - Shipwreck
Coal Loader Centre

The Red Project was in celebration of International Womens's Day.  

North Sydney Council selected 74 women artists who had participated in the Council's  Artist Studios or had an affiliation with Council's broad range of creative programs and contributed to cultural life of the area.

The artists were invited to respond to the colour 'red', as a colour associated with the earth, energy, strength, action, determination, passion, desire and love. 

My installation set within the 'underground wonderland', the Coal Loader chambers at Waverton engaged the viewer to consider the environmental impact we are having on our environment. The procession of heads wearing their processional headpieces (garbage bags) are floating along in the blood of the sea.

Incognizant - Shipwreck 2018_edited.jpg
Red Project 2017
Incognizant - Shipwreck 2018
Red Project 2018
Incognizant - Shipwreck 2018
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