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Paintings on Redfern Railway Foundry Moulds
Exhibited at the Other Art Fair, Redfern Railway, 2018
Exhibited Manning Regional Gallery, Taree, 2023

In 1992 I was living in a warehouse painting studio opposite the abandoned Redfern Railway yards and foundry site.  Due to clearing up the site they had created huge piles of the old wood foundry pattern moulds.

Unwanted, they were setting fire to them and selling others off in piles. I managed to salvage a few wheel barrows full which have ended up moving house with me numerous times. 

On and Off over the years I have painted on a few and recently painted a series which I exhibited at the Other Art Fair. which turned out to be a lovely story, as coincidentally it was at Redfern Railway yards where they first came from.

Each piece is unique and I see them as little theatrical stages upon which a painted story is acted out

the Other Art fair,  Redfern 2018_edited
Leek 2017 Redfern Railway foundry mould_
PLUCK 2018
Obsequious 2018
Vicki 2018
Doll 2018
Rising Tide 2018
Transient no 7 2018
Melba 2018
Screenshot (12)_edited.jpg
Roses oil on Redfern Railway mould 1993
The Stage oil on Railway mold 1993.jpg
Teddy, oil on Redfen Railway molud 1993
Sphere 2 oil on Redfern railway mould 19
Transient no 6 2018
Rising tide 2017
Hope oil on Redfern Railway mould 1993
The Studio Primrose Park Cammeray
Screenshot (3)_edited.jpg
Sphere, oil on Railway Railway  mould 19
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